When the first track from LAYLA's new EP, Black Mud, made its way into my inbox, it was a name completely new to me (despite her being around for a fair while) but, from the opening minute of 'Smokestacks', I knew she was going to be someone I was going to be paying much more attention to. From the lush orchestration tinged with drama and a bit of darkness, to LAYLA's icy, Elena Tonra esque vocals, I was blown away. The second track from her EP, the title track 'Black Mud', luckily is more of the same.

'Black Mud' is perhaps not as bombastic as 'Smokestacks', though it does have its fair share of beautiful strings and a chorus of accompanying vocalists. The real beauty lies in its quieter moments - allowing LAYLA's vocals to really shine. As she dances her way through lines such as "I'm growing black mud/up around my veins," you can't help but be drawn in by the icy quality full of raw emotion that's accompanied only by a simple piano line that bookends the track. It's yet another beautifully dramatic track that continues to impress.

We're very proud to present you with the track's stunning video, which was directed by Mike Lee Thomas. Check that out below, and make sure you pick up her Black Mud EP when it's released on April 28th (pre-order it here).

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