It's not often you get something for free these days. So it's with unabashed delight that we can reveal that the Full Stop To Bad Pop blogspot has a veritable plethora of free EPs available to download, courtesy of Nordic aficionados Lazy Acre Records. You'd be an absolute bloody fool not to check out two bands in particular: My Little Pony: My Little Pony play the hits of... My Little Pony - are twee enough for sure but retain enough straight up pop sensibilities that it doesn't become tiresome. There are some buff tunes in this little download that come packed with engaging instrumentation, eccentric lyrics, sweet voices and lilting melodies. In 'Skipping Down The Street' they even stretch to a bluegrass riff. Little Hands Of Asphalt: The Little Hands of Asphalt - Spit Back at the Rain - is very much of the same ilk, but leans a little more towards the Kings Of Convenience, or even the more reflective mode of Rilo Kiley, school of acoustic guitar based song-writing. It's utterly charming stuff, 'Blue & Green' standing out as particularly lovely, coming across like Chris Garneau via Bowerbirds. This is top notch singer-songwriter stuff with excellent lyricism, gorgeous vocals and intricate finger picking. Highly recommended and a real grower. Little Hands Of Asphalt - Oslo
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