So then the end of The 405 takeover is upon us... I really hope you have enjoyed some of the musical titbits we have bought to you this week - indeed you may wish to check out the free sampler available today featuring a half dozen of our favourite tracks from the last three years for you. Seeing as how Christmas is an equally good time for nostalgia as forward planning I thought this little closing word from me might be a good time to mention two things. The first is a new project we are about to embark upon with Mr Wadeson and Primus here. Through 2011 we (as in Lazy Acre Records) will be expanding our weekly singles club (currently available to just our mailing list and facebook fans) to hook up with the 405. This means that each week we will be bringing you a new free track to check out. To get your hands on it as a free mp3 download, all you need to do is post a mention of it (via the wonder that is tweetforatrack) to your facebook or twitter page. We have loads of cool bands lined up to be involved so we really hope you will enjoy checking out the new tracks each week. And finally while we are looking back over the last three years I just wanted to say a quick thank you to a few people who we genuinely couldn't have got to this point without. They are spread far and wide and so we don't get chance to often thank them all in one place so I just wanted to say thanks and send Eskimo kisses to: Berkeley Edwards, Laura Gaeteno, Sjur, Solvor, Uno, Simen & Endre @ Spoon Train, The How is Annie / youth pictures crew, Stine, The Bedford in Balham, I See Horses, Jan & Einar Pipedream, The National Student, Knut Eardrums, Doug Indie Today. Eira Acuvi, The Mag, Paul Madden and Nancy Roxx, Slanted Mixtapes, Mr Moggz with the magic beard, Jimmy Wheeldon, Eivand A, Adam Gnade, Oliver and Danny 405 who continue to go above and beyond, Kev BSM, Eric Skantze, Vasillis, Simon Clash and many thousands more who's names elude me right now. We love you all and we really hope you find somewhere in these last few days worth of pages something to set alight the same kind of musical love in you as it did in us the first time we heard them... Have a great 2011 everyone. Much Love Lazy Acre Records x Lazy Acre Takeover Week Links/Sampler You can download a Lazy Acre Sampler by clicking here! 1. Introduction 2. Monzano Interview 3. Uno Møller Session 4. Monzano Session 5. Lazy Acre Records // Spotify Playlist 6. Bellman // The 405 Audio Interview 7. The 405 Sessions // The Little Hands Of Asphalt (Lazy Acre Takeover) 8. The 405 Sessions // I See Horses (Lazy Acre Takeover) 9. The 405 Sessions // Solvor Vermeer (Lazy Acre Takeover)