Greetings from a tinsel strewn corner of Lazy Acre. I'm not great with introductions due to a habit of rabbiting on weird tangents and also forgetting names so I am going to endeavour to keep this one as mercifully brief as possible. To celebrate our third birthday we decided to takeover the 405. Piecing the last few weeks together I don't remember specifically being invited to do such a thing, which makes me (via way of my pretty shocking memory) think that we kind of invited ourselves however before the guys realised what was happening, we had bundled them aboard a plane to Oslo to meet some of our sonic heroes and start "piecing this bad boy together" (which shamefully I think I did actually say). Simple logic - if you take someone to a foreign country for a few days there is virtually no way they can say no or back out of whatever ludicrously inappropriate thing you have asked them to do. Note to bands wishing to get coverage on The 405: Find your passport and ask them out on a bro-weekend away. (NB My lawyers have advised me to stress that we are 100% confident that The 405 is in anyway involved in grubby underhanded payola-esque schemes with Indie bands) Anyway these freezing few days in the Norwegian capital saw us deprive them of sleep, force them to listen to all our jokes six or seven times, attract a stalker at a Sareena Maneesh gig and finally bought us into contact with a young woman who walking down the street told us she was "jealous of the starving kids in Africa" because "at least they will never have to be this cold". Nothing from the depths of my twisted indie pop addled brain can top that statement in any way so for now (until a gushing Paltrow-esque outro later in the week) I will leave you with those chilling (ha) words to mull over. Keep your eyes peeled this week for the actual fruits of that "press trip" (also laughably passed off as "work" - I'm even dong inverted commas to myself as I type that) including video sessions galore, interviews, free music, competitions (maybe if I remember to ask Oli first - hey dude if you're reading this is a comp ok?!) and all manner of other musical amuse-bouches. None of this would be happening without the warm hearts and now distinctly lighter wallets of Oliver and Danny that oversee this internet portal and so right up front we need to thank them from the bottom of our blackened hearts - as I said in their press kit "A genuinely nicer bunch of blokes you couldn't wish to meet". So thanks dudes! From The Acre (&Oslo) with love The Lazy Boy xx