Lazy Day are the London-based band fronted by the impressive Tilly Scantlebury. They released an EP called Letters earlier this year via their own Weird Cool Records, but are already with a new song called 'Real Feel', which sees them continue to move from strength to strength. Scantlebury told the FADER about 'Real Feel', saying:

"'Real Feel' is about being pushed and pulled between the past and the present, and between being sad and feeling hopeful. I find it scary how much control your past has over you and your future, so a lot of these lyrics deal with this fear of being dragged backwards. Ultimately though, this song feels like a reminder to myself to not let things get in the way of being happy, and to keep moving forwards."

'Real Feel' is also the first song that Lazy Day recorded together live in their own studio, and, even though it was cramped, Scantlebury says "Having that familiarity helped me be much more emotionally open when it came to delivering the vocals." Having already proven herself a powerful vocalist, on 'Real Feel' she shows even more dynamics to her range, fully leaning into the dips and peaks of emotion carved out by the choppy tides of the song, which gives the song an even more emphatic landing. A chugging and passionate song made by a group of tightly-knit friends and collabortors, 'Real Feel' is humming with the joy of expression. Even when her words hit the depths, you know the strength and verve of the band's collaboration is going to pull her smoothly out of that nosedive, soaring into a hopeful future.

Lazy Day can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are currently on tour, catch them at these dates:

Oct 10th | Dublin, IE - The Sound House
Oct 11th | Belfast, UK - McHugh's Basement Bar
Oct 12th | Glasgow, UK - Tenement Trail
Oct 19th | Norwich, UK - Wild Paths Festival
Oct 31st | Guildford, UK - Boileroom &
Nov 1st | Brighton, UK - Hope & Ruin &
Nov 2nd | Leicester, UK - The Cookie &
Nov 7th | Birmingham, UK - Sunflower Lounge %
Nov 8th | Manchester, UK - Jimmy's %
Nov 9th | Liverpool, UK - Sound Basement %

& = w/ Wych Elm
% = w/ Junodream