You wanted a hit
But maybe we don't do hits

You remember that massive spark of excitement tinged with a heavy burden of misty-eyed nostalgia when LCD Soundsystem announced their final shows in New York? And how you probably couldn't go? And James Murphy's heroic tirade against touts? And how you may have stayed up until 4am streaming it online, for a four marathon?

Well whatever. A documentary was filmed on the night of the final farewell show at Madison Square Gardens on 2nd April 2011, directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, and the film, titled 'Shut Up and Play the Hits', is to be shown at the cultural film hub that is Sundance Film Festival, on Sunday 22nd January.

The documentary intercuts concert footage from the night with interviews and personal moments from James Murphy, and the band have released a short statement on Facebook as follows:

ok. we made a movie. we met these very nice english director guys will and dylan and they were going to make a thing about the band, and blah blah we filmed the MSG concert etc., but in the process they made a real-bonafide movie with a story and everything. it's called Shut Up And Play The Hits.