Le Guess Who is, without hyperbole, the only festival of its kind. There's no theme or style here, and not an act that feels tacked on; there's no genre consistency, there's no style consistency or ethos - the single thing that ties together each and every artist is that they're not like anything out there. Every artist is unique, with LGW acting as a worthy curator, booking genuinely exciting and interesting acts and creating a festival year in year out that actually feels hand picked and interesting.

This year is no exception. The following acts are some that we're excited to see and is by no means exhaustive - even if you've not heard of a single act, this festival is worth your time.


  • Jerusalem In My Heart
  • Tivoli Vredenburg Cloud Nine
  • 2145-2230

JIMH has made two brilliant albums this year - his haunting solo album 'f he dies, if if if if if and the mind altering self-titled collaboration with Suuns, who bring his Arabic influences and sensibilities into a more urgent place - they're collaborating later in the festival too.

  • Masayoshi Fujita
  • Theatre Kikker Second Stage
  • 2245-2330

Fujita is a Japanese vibraphone player based in Berlin and his album Apalogues' is one of the most beautiful albums to land this year - think of the crossing point between Joe Hisaishi's Studio Ghibli soundtracks and Nils Frahm's minimalist compositions.

  • Blanck Mass
  • Tivoli Vredenberg Ronda
  • 0100-0200

Blanck Mass played The Great Escape this year in a church which made his clattering and claustrophobic techno work out near religious.


  • Ultimate Painting
  • De Helling
  • 2045-2130

Green Lanes is a slab of Velvet Underground Loaded era inspired pop that's one of the most catchy, enjoyable and fun records of the year.

  • Keiji Haino
  • Tivoli Vredenburg Hertz
  • 2140-2240

A true icon of all that is noisy, Haino's career spans decades, styles and genres - there are essays and books written on the extent of his improvisational skills and inventions, with the power of his live show always considered the forefront of his legacy.

  • Kamasi Washington
  • Tivoli Vredenburg Grote Zaal
  • 2330-0100

The Epic is hands down one of the best albums of the year - Washington's incredible 3-hour journey never settles down; this hour and a half will be a testament to this unique talent.


  • Follakzoid
  • Ekko
  • 1720 - 1820

Follakzoid's III sounds like psychedelia dragged backwards through a black hole to make a claustrophobic yet somehow expansive, thudding mess - it's brilliant.

  • Os Mutantes
  • Tivoli Vredenburg Pandora
  • 2030 - 2130

The godfathers of the Tropicália movement in Brazil - one of the most iconic bands of all time and one of the few bands on the bill here that are unmissable.

  • Deerhunter
  • 2300 - 0000
  • Tivoli Vredenburg Ronda

Fading Frontier is probably their most mature and, in a way, complete album to date, and it comes alive in a live setting - while it sounds somewhat subdued on the recording, Cox & co turn it into something utterly transcendental on stage.