"I have this dream where I'm dying and I'm looking at my own funeral and I see myself buried." That's how London via Berlin alternative electronic post-punk duo, Lea Porcelain start their new documentary - aptly titled THIS IS LEA PORCELAIN. A PORTRAIT BY RAMON HAINDL. And then the music starts.

The clip, which clocks in at five minutes, is a close and profound visual detailing the band's time living and recording in Funkhaus Berlin. Following the documentary, expect new music from the pair in the form of a new album. Check out the documentary below, along with a short Q&A with the duo. You can pick up their debut album, Hymns To The Night, on June 16th.

Tell us about your experience living and working in Funkhaus?

It's like living in a soviet-museum. The rooms in the complex are sometimes beyond belief. It's spacey, grand and otherworldly. So, just the perfect environment for us. I remember when we drove into the complex for the first time, seeing the building and the space, we were fascinated. It's a huge place, with so many different rooms but it was also beyond desolate. We got a studio with 2 rooms on the second floor that we shared with painters, druggies and all other sorts - and it was sometimes pretty creepy, especially if one of the nightcrawlers passed you by during the night, which is obviously the time that we function best and 99% of the album was recorded during the middle of the night. That was shortly after the new owner bought it. And a year later, it's new artists, new spaces, Funkhaus concerts and club nights.

We can sometimes go down and see what's on - while we're in the studio and sometimes we would enter a massive party with 3000 people and grandmaster Flash djing or Jose Gonzales playing an intimate set or Junun. Even Depeche Mode played a 'virtual reality' concert there 2 weeks ago as well and it's all just 2 floors down. Unfortunately we were on the road but what we are trying to say is, that there are so many things now happening in this place, old and new coming together and it's something we've been looking to be part of for a while in Frankfurt and in London. Where in Frankfurt it was pretty much just house music and minimal techno and London E3, Grime, Dub and Rap. That's all nice and well but we wanted something that reflects us, something big, melancholic that's somehow hollow but also very hopeful. And we really think we found it there. The place is made for us.

Why did you decide to do that? Did it create a better environment for recording the album?

Not necessarily as only a few pieces were recorded in there. We were just drawn to the place immediately. We saw it and wanted to spend our time there preparing for the album, rehearsing, exchanging with other musicians in there. A friend of ours, Nico, the producer of AURORA or Nils Frahm who's also very involved in the place. I think he wants to restore the old reverb rooms they used with the old plates and all. We think that's pretty cool and it just creates this environment where everything you do is about your music. It's their whole life and it became our whole life too.

What can we expect from your debut Hymns to the Night?

We can only compare it with one thing that is hard to explain but it contains timelessness. Do you know that feeling, when you hear a song and you really think - "this must be a cover!" or "I know this song, it's been there since forever!" but you don't know who wrote it or you can't find it? I recall having this once with Nelly Furtado's song - 'I'm like a bird', which is a silly comparison but just to show you. I tried to find the original song, its original author, but nothing. She made it and it was new!

We have been writing so many nights over the past two years, we threw months of work away because it selected itself out quite naturally. We left only what is real and what feels like it's got this timelessness contained that when you hear the song, you are quite sure it's been there already and feels so familiar. Like an old friend, like a former life that you have lived before or an acquaintance that you have met. That is how we feel with this album and this is what people tell us as well.

People we have never met approach us and tell this very same thing. It's indescribable and invisible too but it's there. Like so many other things in music that can't be explained in words but in feelings. Time really becomes relative! And it relativizes everything, it plays with your sense of time, you don't know when it ends and where it begins again but you feel home instantly. Expect familiarity, experience, gloom and try to experience it without prejudice. Expect it to be massive and uncompromising at one end and then forgiving and full of light at the other. Expect it to be a part of you as it became a part of us. It's true. It is a party, a road-trip, a person passing on the street that you glance at with affection, an affair, a drunken fall into the bathtub, a heartbreaking experience and a friend that you meet after. It's us. And everything that happened to us. We wouldn't fool anyone if we tried. Expect something beautiful.

Live dates:
March 31st Essen, Germany PACT Festival
April 1st Berlin, Germany INTRO at Huxley's
April 28th Newcastle, UK Hit The North Festival
April 29th Leeds, UK Live At Leeds
April 30th Leicester, UK Handmade Festival
June 15th-17th Augsburg, Germany Modular Festival
July 16th Southwold, UK Latitude Festival