We've had our eye on Body Parts for some time. As perverse a statement as that may sound out of context, the LA quartet have been working away crafting a slew of intelligent experimental songs each as unique as they are infectious. Combining the nimble instrumentation of The Dirty Projectors and an updated take on slick 80s production, Body Parts never compromise on meticulous melodic sensibilities and danceable rhythms.

Body Parts were kind enough to answer some questions for this edition of Lead Off. The band discuss living in LA, their strong visual identity and the advantages of being a new band today. They also offer their pick of the best emerging artists in LA.

Could you start off by giving us some background about Body Parts? And where does the name come from?

I started Body Parts a couple years ago and the other members trickled in at various points. I wanted a name that could mean many different things depending on the context it was put in. So I settled on Body Parts.

What are some of your influences (music or otherwise)?

Musically, a huge influence would be Stephen Sondheim. The way he sits words into a melody is so unique and also completely accessible which is rare. Also his sense of harmony is at once complex but also approachable which is something we strive for. Some others would be Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Prince.

In the past couple of months I've been really into Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Die Antwoord and Ellie Goulding. Perhaps it's silly to talk about liking these artists because so many people like them already but they're still good. I love the way Die Antwoord's aesthetic carries through all of their content. Some other contemporary artists we love are Nite Jewel, Chairlift, James Ferraro, Pure Bathing Culture, and my god The Knife are just the best.

Your music videos (notably Doing Things and Rest While You Sleep) are always incredible - is there a conscious visual identity to the project?

Thanks. We try to use visuals that add new context to the music that we make. A big part of the development of our pictures and videos is collaborating with friends and much of the credit goes to them. Dave Seger and Mike Karnell, who made the Doing Things video, are filmmakers here in LA who do a lot of work in various mediums here in LA. We're currently working on a new video with Dave right now. Stephanie Gonot has taken a lot of our photographs, she is a local photographer and curator and she's as brilliant as the day is long. Matt Sobel, who made the Rest While You Sleep video, is a good friend and incredible filmmaker as well, he's working on making his first feature in New York right now. We've been really lucky to collaborate with talented friends and hope to do a lot more of it.

What do you see as being the advantages and disadvantages of being an emerging band today?

It seems to always come down to how good you are at what you do, and you don't have to be good at music to succeed as a band or a musician. Some people whine about how this or that band is popular even though their music isn't good and I don't really give shit about that. They're doing something that a large group of people identify with, whether musically or something else. I read an interview with the Knife recently where they talked about how no music is inherently better than any other music, only some music serves different functions better than others.

There seems to a bit of an obsession with California in the UK at the moment - what's your favourite thing about living in LA?

The diversity of culture and people. As long as you have a car you can have everything. There's an inherent sense of isolation in LA because we get around in our cars, and so much of our time every day is spent inside this little metal box. Some people hate it but I love it.

How has living in LA influenced your sound or ethos for music?

I like how partitioned it is. There are these little sections inside of Los Angeles and each of them have a different flavour. For instance, people have been talking about the Silverlake music scene already but some great musicians are coming out of the Highland Park area. There's a lot of dots to be connected between the various scenes.

Which new bands in and around LA should we be looking out for?

Glow Marrow, Touché, James Supercave, Gothic Tropic, Maston, Norse Horse, Hands, LA Font, and I know they've already made it but Haim is so good.

What’s next for Body Parts? Are we to expect an album this year?

We have an album coming out October 29th through Father/Daughter Records, we just put out the first single, 'Desperation'. A West Coast tour in August, planning on doing a larger tour in October, and hopefully a trip to the UK sometime soon!