Tom Clarke and Sam Ricketts are two musicians better known under their collective moniker of Cloud Boat, a genuinely unique and sure to be groundbreaking new electro/acoustic band who twin the haunting, spacious melodies of the guitar with heavy drum patterns and Sam Ricketts' deeply choral and heavenly singing voice. The result is smooth, emotive and intimate; a deeply beautiful listening experience. The band discuss, amongst other things, the production methods behind their music, support slots with James Blake and Mount Kimbie, and how they feel about the "Post-Dubstep" label.


How do you feel about your music (along with that of other artists such as Mount Kimbie and James Blake) being labeled underneath the ambiguous "post-dubstep" moniker?

Regardless of how problematic and ambiguous that label is; it's something we can only feel proud and happy about. James and Mount Kimbie are musicians who are not only our friends, but also make music we love. Being labelled or pigeonholed may prove difficult for some acts, but being viewed as part of such an increasingly disparate group of bands and artists isn't something we worry about.

You say your name was influenced by a piece of music by a Lithuanian composer, do you take similar abstract inspirations when writing the lyrics for your songs?

I don't think so. I try to write lyrics that make me feel something and try not to write lyrics about a time when I felt something. This way an emotion is alive in the song and I feel that every time I sing or hear it. Then the song becomes the experience and other people can feel it too. It's important that the song is alive in this way I think, whether the lyrics seem abstract or not.

Your music is a very distinct mix of haunting acoustic melodies and very synthesised electronic drum patterns, what made you chose this mix rather than just being a straight acoustic or electronic band?

After playing together in more traditional band set-ups for many years, I think we've both found the opportunity to compose music with no constraints; as well as mixing playing guitars with singing and influences from electronic music, very liberating. I think there is something within the combination of sounds which are somewhat familiar and also alien that interests both of us.

How does it feel to be a band with support slots for Mount Kimbie and James Blake already under their belts having only officially released two songs?

It feels great! We are proud of what we've achieved so far and we're also extremely thankful. It's been a great way to learn. Now we want to earn more opportunities like these by writing more music and playing as often as we can.

Describe the creative process behind the construction of your music

Our creative process is something still relatively new to us, and something we have seen to continually evolve. We always try to approach writing music from different places; be it a vocal melody, lyrical idea, guitar part, drum pattern, field recording, or somewhere more abstract. With regards to production, we are learning new things all the time and look forward to exploring and experimenting within all aspects and areas of our sound.

How long have you been making music together?

We've been making music together on and off for about 7 or 8 years now. So I think each of us has a pretty good understanding of how the other works which helps. Cloud Boat has only been going for a bit more than a year but I guess it's a culmination of all the time we've spent together before now that makes it work and feel rewarding.

What's next for Cloud Boat? Can we expect an album in 2012?

Something more substantial is definitely coming, but what form it will take we are unsure of at this stage. Needless to say we are looking forward to working with more labels and artists in the coming future.