‘Unique’ is a word thrown around excessively and mostly unduly. However with Brooklyn 6-piece 'In One Wind', it is a word that perfectly describes their inventive sound and bold traversing of genres. The band, whose sound can (roughly) be compared to Sufjan Stevens and the Dirty Projectors, discuss the importance of community spirit on their music, reveal some exciting plans and give suggestions to a fantastic wealth of great new bands!


What is the background of In One Wind?

Friends born between 1987 and 1988 that come from California, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania that met at school in NY and realized many common interests, among them D'Angelo and Arrested Development.

Which bands have influenced your sound most?

Bjork, Blind Melon, J Dilla, Talking Heads, Talk Talk, Tom Waits... that's probably good.

What do you see as some of the positives and constrains of being an emerging band at the moment?

Some positives are the freedom to make what we want to make, ownership of our product, and the adventure of trying to build a community around our work. One constraint is the obvious lack of funds available to emerging bands, and just generally trying to start a small business (which is essentially what we are doing) in this current economic climate.

How important have you found the support of a small indie label such as Primary Records, and do recommend a similar route for other new bands?

It's been great to have a community of artists and musicians to share ideas, stages, food, and drink with, and Primary has helped make this possible. If a band or artist has something like this happening around them, we would definitely recommend putting as much energy as possible into their community. But this approach isn't for everyone, and a blanket approach to making a record or running a band is not advisable. We just happen to share many values within the group and with our label-mates and label-heads.

Brooklyn is obviously fairly renowned for its output of great music, has this environment shaped your music or ethos?

YES! The amount of amazing music to see in this area (not just Brooklyn, but all of NYC) is overwhelming. It keeps your momentum going because you see all these people around you doing all these different and inspiring things.

Which new bands in Brooklyn should we be looking out for?

All members of In One Wind are involved in many other projects, and all of them deserve your attention.

Killer BOB (which consists of Max, Rob, and Steven) is coming out with a new record that mixes elements of chamber music, punk rock, and contemporary performance. Gym, Deer (which includes Angelo and Mallory) just put out a record on Primary called "Other, Ways" that sounds like the child of Bobby McFerrin and Nick Drake borne through a computer. Lily And The Parlour Tricks (which includes Angelo and former IOW member Lily Claire Nussbaum) is like the child of Tom Waits and the 1996 film "That Thing You Do!". Chives (Steven, Max, and friend Matthew Wohl) and The Steven Lugerner 10-tet (which features Steven, Angelo, and Max) are more jazz-influenced projects that are each coming out with new records, likely out on Primary.

Other bands that are definitely worth checking out are: Cuddle Magic, Names of War, Friend Roulette, Landlady, ZS, The Building, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Becca Stevens, Bushwick Chamber Society, Zongo Junction.

And finally, what’s coming up next for In One Wind?

We're going on tours in February, April, and June/July (all US tours), we have a series of remix projects coming out (with remixes by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Nate Brenner of Tune-Yards, D.M. Stith, Jeremiah Cymerman, and many others), we're providing the music for a dance piece called "Requiem For This" choreographed by Elizabeth Dishman and Coriolis Dance Co., and a bunch of new songs!! We're just getting started...