Regal Safari are a two-part all male collective from Brighton who are producing some of the finest and most beautiful sounding electronic music of the last six months. What separates Regal Safari from the rest of the ever-growing crowd of electronic musicians is their eye for detail and their tendency to form close and enchanting bonds between the sound of their music and the visuals that accompany it (as can be seen on their YouTube page and from their acclaimed live performances). Unfortunately they are one of the many bands who's music is often filed under the "Chillwave" genre but their music has far more to it than mere ambience; it is dark, soulful and deeply precise in it's arrangement, giving the end product an intimidating and immersive quality. The band were kind enough to speak to the 405 about their music, with some very interesting results.

How long have you been making music together as a group or as individuals?

We met around a year ago and discussed perpetual questions relating to why things are the way they are:

How do you go about creating/producing your songs?

We make sounds and then increase the beauty/time sound ratio

Where do you source your vocals from for songs like "only"?

We took a girl and recorded her and then released her.

Who do you sight as your key musical inspirations?

Led Zeppelin

The story behind your name?

We went on safari together and after that we decided that the music should be named Regal Safari.

Photo by Louis Fry

Have any of you ever been on a real safari?

Never been on one.

Photo by Louis Fry

What can we expect for 2012?