Sivu has the perfect credentials to be an indie-pop sensation. Performing under a suitably mysterious pseudonym, the 24-year-old has been quietly crafting delicate, heartfelt songs, all alongside working at a call centre London. With a helping hand from friend and producer Charlie Andrew (producer of Alt-J's An Awesome Wave), Sivu has crafted a unique take on tender indie-pop, making the most of his enthralling soft vocals and innovative arrangements. As if that wasn't enough, earlier in the year Sivu proved his worth by releasing a remarkable video for 'Better Man Than He' made up entirely of MRI scans (see below), cementing Sivu's penchant for enthralling and inventive output.

Here, Sivu takes some time out to speak with us about the difficulties of beng a solo artist, the pressures of being an emerging act and his pick of the best new music.

Could you start off by giving us some background about Sivu?

Sivu is a project I started about 2 years ago. I have been writing and performing in bands since I was 14 and really just wanted to try and do something different. I met Charlie Andrew, my producer, and we just started playing with exciting sounds and it just came together really naturally over time. I called myself Sivu as I loved the idea of not being bound by the traditional singer-songwriter mould.

Do you feel any pressure of being a solo artist, and was there a deliberate to perform under a moniker?

I think it is harder being a solo artist just for the fact that in a band you have 3 other people to turn to and rely on...but saying that, I have an incredible band and group of people I work with, so I feel very lucky about that. As I briefly touched on earlier, I don't want to go down the standard singer-songwriter vein, and felt Sivu gave me a platform to approach things and create something separate to me.

What are some of your influences (music or otherwise)?

Musically I grew up listening to things like Elvis and Frank Sinatra, and fell in love with the timelessness of the melodies. I feel and it’s definitely something I cling to even now. I also listen to artists like Kate Bush and Bjork, as well as bands like Wild Beasts, who take such an interesting twist on the traditional pop song mould.

I see you were picked up by a few Ones to Watch lists - what are your thoughts on these lists, do you think they can be an unnecessary pressure for new artists?

I think it's very flattering, and I love that new music is given a platform to come through. I wouldn't say it's something I worry about. This industry is crazy and everything about it is out of my hands: all I can focus on right now is making sure my music is as honest and good as it can be.

What do you see as being the advantages and disadvantages of being an emerging artist today?

I think one of the advantages of being a new artist is the element of social media. There are lots of platforms now that allow your music to be heard. I guess you could say the disadvantage is just the pure volume, but I guess as long as good music is getting heard, it’s a great thing overall.

How has living in London influenced your sound or ethos for music?

London has played a huge part for me. I moved to London around 3 years ago from a small village outside of Cambridgeshire. Playing in London early on, I soon learnt how many incredible artists are out there working so hard. It really inspired me to write better songs and just generally be better.

Which new London artists do you think we be looking out for?

Tough question. There is a producer called Eagles For Hands who I adore, he did a remix of ‘Better Man Than He’ for me and just took the song somewhere else. His other original tracks are brilliant!

What’s coming up for Sivu in 2013? Are we to expect an album this year?

The plan for this year is to really just get the songs out as much as possible, so doing a lot of touring as well as releasing some EPs. The first one, 'Bodies', is coming out in June, and then hopefully another by the end of the year. The album won't be out until next year but I plan to finish it throughout the summer.