Brooklyn trio and project of of Dan Arnes, Leapling are prepping the release of their sophomore album, out on June 10. Suspended Animation features new single 'One Hit Wonder,' which you can now hear below.

"One Hit Wonder" came out of a continued obsession with stripping things down to their absolute minimum, and a steady diet of classic '70s power pop," Dan told The Fader. "I was pretty (very) bored with a lot of rock and pop music for a while and as a result felt apprehensive to write such straight-ahead poppy songs, despite my very real inclination to do so. For a while I had been really into incorporating more esoteric influences into pop music, which is nice and a lot of my favorite music is exactly that, but it started to feel a lot more natural and confident to me to just embrace simplicity and the unobscured pure-pop side of things. It's really fun to invite some cliche and convention after denying it for a while and finding new ways to incorporate some more experimental ideas without necessarily calling attention to it. Solid gold fun."