Songkick's Detour project has been a rising success, most notably with Andrew Bird who will end up playing a few shows in South America this February. The whistling extraordinaire is not the only beneficiary of this amazing project; there's been huge gains by Hot Chip, Holy Other and many more as well.

Today, in a brilliant development, we here at The 405 are happy to say that you can now request an invite to ask who you want to see come to the UK to play a show in London as part of Detour London. All you have to do is request an invite here and donate to the cause. You get to decide who you want to invite to play, and since the artist/band will have funding and know just how many people want to see them there, it increases the likelihood of them making the trip.

As The 405 was one of Songkick Detour's launch partners, we couldn't be happier (we think our list is pretty great). When an artist/band reaches 50 pledges from fans, Songkick Detour will reach out to that band/artist's management to make something happen, and believe me, there's a very high chance of that artist/band saying yes. All in all, it's a great development for music, and we're very proud to be involved.

For more information on the project, head here.