Pessimism infects people like disease. Its cousin, cynicism, can also have broad consequences, but coming from Brooklyn-based songwriter Ian Wayne, it feels more like melancholy. His recent album, A Place Where Nothing Matters, was saturated with both perspectives of the same feeling. In addition, the downtempo, deliberate single 'Coming Down From Nothing', teaches us patience.

Wayne took his time in constructing the new video for the song. That’s him twiddling his thumbs in time-lapse, and he also was responsible for the stop-motion clips that show the scene on his album cover as a living park, complete with strolling people and the setting sun. Every visual cue is evidence of time, though each vignette moves at its own pace. Wayne hopes this resonates for the lost. He said of the track:

"Dealing with hurt feelings or grief can cause profound change, but sometimes there's no evidence of it to be seen outside of oneself. I'm fascinated again and again with this kind of situation, because emotionally it can feel both transitory and stagnant. That's the kind of story I'm trying to tell in the song, and what I wanted to convey in the imagery of the video. I wanted the viewer to feel like it's happening too fast, or too slow; for me, that's how it feels to be humiliated and in love—the rest of the world seems to be operating on a different clock.”

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