NYC-based experimental producer Lee Bannon's just announced a brand new album, Patterns of Excel. He's shared 'Artificial Stasis' for your listening pleasure, which actually sounds just like being enveloped in the life-preserving goo of a biomechanical artificial stasis machine, gentle waves of ambient super-slowed-down chime sounds cradling your ears with a glorious gentleness, indecipherable vocal samples flitting across the soundscape like weird memory-dreams – the type you might have in stasis. If anyone ever gets to be in stasis, well, let us know if this is the correct sound of it.

The album's due out 10th July on Ninja Tune. Pre-order it here.

  • Pattern of Excel tracklist:
  • 1. Good / Swimmer
  • 2. Artificial Stasis
  • 3. dx2
  • 4. Suffer Gene
  • 5. refoah
  • 6. Shallowness is the root of all evil
  • 7. Paofex
  • 8. kanu
  • 9. Aga
  • 10. inflatable
  • 11. DAW in the Sky for Pigs
  • 12. Disneµ Girls
  • 13. SDM
  • 14. Memory 6
  • 15. Towels