Leeds-based The Golden Age of TV start 2018 in a big way with the release of ‘Beast’, a rhythmic stomper, destined for the luminous dancefloors of indie-discos of the future. It’s the first new music from the art rock five-piece following previous single ‘Dust’, and once again melds whimsical vocal with urgent, growling riffs and electronic thuds.

Whip-smart drums lock in with gloriously fuzzed out glam bass, disconcertingly swirling guitars bounce around your ears, whilst vocalist Bea Fletcher sweetly delivers her personal tale of childhood anxiety: "It’s telling a story from my childhood, during that cross-over period when I had to be more independent. It was little things; facing my fear of the dark or going to the toilet on my own without my mum standing outside the door. The change and stress manifested into dreaming and imagining a monster coming after me. I'd see it everywhere I went. It sounds a bit trippy. But I guess growing up is?"

Listen to ‘Beast’ below.