Treeboy & Arc are a group of four young men that met at Leeds College of Music and started messing around together in a band out of pure boredom. Originally just playing their own takes on classic songs for house parties, the foursome's chemistry soon developed to the point where they started writing their own songs.

The result is a multi-pronged guitar onslaught full of aural electricity and compelling dynamics. They will release Not Yet, their debut 4-track EP, on December 1st, but you can hear the rousing lead single 'Merge' below. The song is of the typical student ilk, being "about the decline of health from drinking too much and generally burning the candle at both ends," and came at a time of high stress: "we wrote it while we should of [sic] been studying for exams. At the end we ran out of ideas so just sped up and hoped for the best!”