This morning XFM will be holding a contest where listeners can win a pair of tickets to the LeeFest festival in Kent, along with keys to their own personal luxury portaloo, filled with champagne and festival treats, for the weekend.

The contest will crown one lucky winner who will be the festival's 'VIPee Crown' upon arrival. While at first glance it may sound like a bit of undesirable prize, the festival's organizer, Lee Denny, certainly makes some good points on why this might be a very valuable contest to enter.

"We have a very soft spot for our toilets. Since the first festival, when everyone had to take their shoes off and use the loo in my house, we've measured our growing success in how many toilets we have on site each year."

"Imagine it's Saturday evening; you've got five minutes to get to your next band, and you're desperate to go. While the rest of the crowds are all waiting in that muddy line, you skip past them into your clean and shiny cabin. I'm quite temped to try and win it myself!"

LeeFest runs from June 29th - 30th. For more information, click here.