The renowned poet and author Maya Angelou has passed away at the age of 86. She had been having troubles with her health as of late and was found by her caretaker in Winston-Salem, NC on Wednesday morning, according to the town's mayor.

In addition to having incredible accomplishments in the literature and poetry worlds, she also did great things in music. She released an album of calypso music in 1957 titled Miss Calypso, working alongside Tommy Tedesco (who you may know from the M*A*S*H and Batman themes), creating a tropical and exotic album that would be more suited for the nightclubs. While she didn't choose to focus on it in her career, it was still one of the defining albums of the genre and saw a reissue in 1995.

She also inspired many of today's most influential rappers with her socially conscious words, including Common who she collaborated with on his 2011 record The Dreamer/The Believer. She recited a poem on the record's opening track, but was later critical of the album after learning that a verses contained the 'N-word'. You can listen to a track from the Miss Calypso record below.