Leifur James is a London-based multi-instrumentalist who grew up in a musical household, encouraged to learn and build on his musical abilities from a young age. The first guidance from his mother, a classically trained pianist and cellist, lead him naturally towards the realms of jazz and classical, but over the years his musical proclivities have expanded, and the music he makes today no longer fits comfortably into any one category. He has shifted into electronic music over recent years, but has also found himself moving naturally back towards his analogue origins when it came to creating an album. The result is his fascinating and shapeshifting first proper album, A Louder Silence, which was recorded over two years at his home studio, and will be released on October 5th via Night Time Stories.

Today we have the pleasure of bringing you 'Mumma Don't Tell', the musical and emotional core of A Louder Silence. Sitting at the centre of the album, 'Mumma Don't Tell' is a glistening ballad, recorded on the piano that Leifur James grew up playing in his home. Embellished with subtle jazz percussion, molten bass notes and a glaze of honeyed strings, the stage is set for James to unfold his soulful voice. Although the actual lyrics are minimal, it's a clear dedication to the guidance of his mother, whose unwavering presence helped to bring him to this point. The vaporous synths that come later into the song help to bring this domestic love into breathing life, and cap off this understatedly breathtaking piece. Check it out below.

Leifur James' A Louder Silence comes out through Night Time Stories on October 5th and can be pre-ordered here.

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