A New Zealand composer of Ghanaian descent, Leila Adu has written for orchestras across the globe, taught music to prisoners, recorded with Steve Albini and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman with Luscious Jackson. She's also a Princeton doctoral fellow, with a Phd research focus on hiplife and hip-hop music producers from Accra, Ghana.

Recently, Leila has also been busy preparing for her Love Cells tour: a celebration of her Love Cells & Scary Love Monster EP releases. As part of this, she's unveiled a music video for her empathetic psychedelic soul song 'Love Cells'. A heady and hypnotic blend of rich and affecting vocal refrains, slowmo funk drums, stargazed synthesizers, evocative organ and squelchy bass notes, it's as good an entry point as any into the world of a prolific, borderless and thoughtful creator.

Directed by Leila and Nico Turner with choreography by Leila, Gabriel Agape and Mor Mendel, the 'Love Cells' video is built around expressive dance sequences and moody close-up shots depicted in red and pink coloring. Viewed together, it makes for a simple but highly effective partnership with Leila's meditation on universal love and the greater connection it affords us with humanity, the Earth, and the cosmos.

If you enjoy 'Love Cells', you might want to get involved with Leila's Love Cells tour crowdfunding campaign over atIndiegogo.