Synthpop trio Lemonade have shared three songs so far from their new album Minus Tide, 'Stepping', 'Come Down Softly' and 'Orchid Bloom', and now the fourth offering is the shimmering 'OST'. While it's still a bit of a banger like the previous tunes, it's a little bit more subdued with its dark undertones - it's better suited for the come-down after the party than the party itself. They've decided to spread the wealth a bit today as well, giving us another taste of the album in the form of the title track.

Listen below.

(via Yours Truly)

(via Consequence of Sound)

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. Stepping
  • 02. Durutti Shores
  • 03. Clearest
  • 04. Water-Colored Visions
  • 05. Reaches
  • 06. Awake
  • 07. Orchid Bloom
  • 08. Come Down Softly
  • 09. OST
  • 10. Minus Tide

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