It's been fascinating watching the many layers of Leo Kalyan eventually peel away to reveal a young man on the way to becoming a truly exciting and authentic musician. Despite my hatred for the word 'authentic' when describing music, it seems like a fitting description for Kalyan. Whether it's in his music, his artwork, his live shows or even down to his limited video output, everything is meticulously planned and executed in the finest way possible and to the best of his ability. More importantly, it's straight from the heart.

Later this week, Kalyan releases his second EP Outside In and it might just be his most important project to date. Gone are the extra vocal layers, and gone is his safety net; this is Kalyan opening up further about his past - growing up between the UK and Pakistan, religion, and sexuality. Included on the EP is 'Fucked Up' which is, effectively, about being lost in the world. The accompanying video - with its varying effects - sees Kalyan making his way through the countryside, eventually reaching the top of some seaside cliffs to ditch his aforementioned baggage. Intertwined is brief clips of his younger days with his family at home.

Speaking to The FADER, who also premiered the clip, Kalyan said: "I grew up Muslim between London and Lahore, but now, as a gay person living the life of an artist in East London, I'm constantly aware of the toll being myself takes on me and my family and my relationships. Sometimes I feel fucked up for what I put them through. I imagine other people feel the same way sometimes too. The song is about confronting that, and releasing yourself from your baggage." Outside In is released this Friday, October 28 via GODMODE