On February 1st Leon Vynehall's entry to the fabled DJ-Kicks series will be released, and it seems set to be a great one, featuring tracks from the likes of AFX as well as exclusive material from Ploy, Peach and Pavilion. Also included in the track list are brand new cuts from Vynehall himself, and today he's let us have a little sneak peak by releasing the full-length version of new track 'Ducee's Drawbar'.

While last year's Nothing Is Still saw the producer departing into a broader spectrum of sounds, 'Ducee's Drawbar' returns him firmly to the dancefloor, where he first caught our attention. Built on a hypnotic vocal loop and a hallucinogenic synth haze, 'Ducee's Drawbar' is a delectable cut that should slot nicely into his forthcoming DJ-kicks - and hopefully many more DJ sets beyond that.

The always thought-provoking producer gives us his view on the track, saying:

"Around the time I’d written this, I was in the midst of the ‘Nothing Is Still’ album campaign and doing the remaining live shows of 2018. I hadn’t been at the studio for months, rather I was in rehearsal rooms, concert halls, and DJing, so what ended up coming out was an expression of the whirlwind year I’d gone through. It’s an auditory hindsight of sorts, all wrapped up in this ‘anti-club’ club song. Kind of like a rushy pill that you just have to go along for the ride with. Its enjoyable, but disconcerting."

Take a listen below.

Following the release of Leon Vynehall's DJ-Kicks on February 1st, he'll be DJ-ing all over the place in support:

DJ Kicks EU Tour dates:

1 Feb - Lyon, FR @ Le Sucre
2 Feb - Bordeaux, FR @ I.BOAT
8 Feb - Milan, IT @ Plastic Club
9 Feb - Rome, IT @ Circolo Degli Illuminati
13 Feb - Edinburgh @ Sneaky Pete’s
14 Feb - Manchester @ The White Hotel
15 Feb - Liverpool @ Meraki
16 Feb - Glasgow @ La Cheetah Club
22 Feb - Paris, FR @ Concrete
23 Feb - Bristol @ The Island
1 Mar - Prague, CZ @ Swim Club
2 Mar - Berlin, DE
8 Mar - Brussels, BE @ ABclub
9 Mar - London @ Fabric
15 Mar - Barcelona, ES @ Astin
16 Mar - Geneva, CH @ Audio
29 Mar - Bilbao, ES @ Stereorocks

DJ-Kicks North American Tour dates:

2 May - Vancouver, BC @ Fortune
3 May – Portland, OR @ The Liquor Store
4 May – Los Angeles, CA @ Far Away
9 May – Boston, MA @ Make It New
10 May – Chicago, IL @ Smart Bar
11 May – Washington, DC @ Flash
16 May - Toronto, ON @ Costume House
17 May - Philadelphia, PA @ Making Time
18 May – Miami, FL @ Electric Pickle
24 May – Brooklyn, NY @ Nowadays