LeRiche may come from a Canadian town with a population of only 5,000, but he is poising himself to have a global reach. The singer-songwriter has evolved from the typical acoustic-troubadour, inviting indie-pop influences into the mix.

In anticipation of his upcoming EP, X-Dreamer, LeRiche released 'Under Covers' via Fierce Panda Records, and we're here with the premiere of the video.

'Under Covers', both as a song and a video, explores the complexities of a relationship. In most respects, 'Under Covers' is a love-laced track that showcases the warmth and nostalgia of a relationship.

The video? Not so much. While there are pleasant flashbacks, this video is of a relationship looking for an excuse to push itself over the brink. The video was directed by French writer and director, Charlotte Rabate. When putting the video together, Rabate was heavily influenced by photographer Guy Bourdin.vAs Rabate puts it, "I always admired the way he could make an inanimate object the central character of his images. I like to twist how we see objects from our everyday life to bring a surrealist quality to a scene."

Throughout the video, you jump back and forth between scenes of a happy relationship and one taking its last breath. I don't want to give anything away, as Rabate's images and LeRiche's music make sure you become heavily invested, b ut, there are conspicuous peanuts and ominous scrabble tiles.

As odd as that last line may be to read, the video for 'Under Covers' grabs ahold of the visceral and holds back no punches. Sometimes it takes the absurd to show us the reality of a situation.