"People have a preconceived notion that Less Than Jake is a ska/punk band, that we're wacky and silly, and that may be a certain side of ourselves live, but there's also another side and that's a beautiful thing about our band - it's multi-headed," Vinnie, drummer of American band Less Than Jake, says proudly. I could not have said it better. Not knowing much about Less Than Jake except for the few, indeed crazy, videos seen on Youtube.com I went in pretty much blank. My goal was to take photos, to interact with the crowd who came to see this band: to take in a certain vibe. Less Than Jake played the Melkweg venue in Amsterdam last week, a small venue for intimate gatherings. And intimate it was, with the band talking to us as if we were friends, joking around about ex-wives and sizes of certain body parts. Laughter throughout the venue added up to the wonderful songs played. Not being able to sing along did not matter, not always being able to take the great photos I came for did not matter. Less Than Jake is one of those bands that just keeps you entertained whether you like the kind of music they make or not. Yes, their live shows are crazy but multi-headed it is. Because the band is able to make you feel at home away from home, blend in with their craziness. Less Than Jake takes away your sense of awareness, makes you let go of any control you thought you had: no picture perfect image but a free minded evening. Indeed a beautiful thing.