Lesser Pieces have revealed the suitably artificial sounding ‘Never Think Of You’, an electronic number exploring long distance relationships and digital technologies. It’s a slow burner with a sense of cold intimacy, layered vocals and permeating synth notes, the duo now beginning to identify their signature style and developing a recognisable sound.

Lesser Pieces is the electronic project from Irish multi-dimensional producer Mike Slott and New York-born Egyptian singer-songwriter/composer Diane Badie. It is the culmination of the duo's lauded musical history – a vulnerable yet euphoric statement on modern popular music.  Lesser Pieces was spawned from collaborative writing sessions on each of the artist's solo records in Brooklyn – after their first track together ‘Nightingale’ caught the ear of Paul Epworth (Adele, FKA Twigs) who would go on to invite them to work on another project and introduce them to their future producer and close confidant, Patrick Ford (!!!, Tanlines).

Listen to 'Never Think Of You' below.

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