These days it takes more than just good songs to progress in the music industry. This feature offers a short interview with the winner of 'Cloudcorner' - a feature that shortlists our favourite songs submitted via Soundcloud. 'Lessons from Cloudcorner' offers to do just as it says: offering unique advice and insight from an unsigned band. These days it's too easy to get hung up over the latest genres; if you can name a genre they'll be a 'nu' version. Luckily bands like Hidden Pictures exist to remind us that there's nothing wrong with well-crafted, catchy Indie-Pop. Their songs are a testament to the appeal of good songwriting and simple arrangements. They also have one of the best videos I've seen for a long while! Photobucket Tell us a little about yourselves and your influences? Hidden Pictures formed about four years ago when Michelle and I met. Her primary instrument was the decidedly-worthless-in-a-rock-band flute (and no, Jethro Tull didn't change that), so I gave her this glockenspiel that I inherited from my high school marching band. We put together a band and four years later we finished a record. If not for our addiction to Indian food and episodes of "Parks and Rec," we might have finished it a lot sooner. We're inspired by bands like Nada Surf, Wilco, Apples in Stereo, the Long Winters, Field Music, Midlake, Marching Band, Mobius Band, the Belle Brigade, the Shins, Throw Me the Statue, and a bajillion others. But we like to tell people we're mostly influenced by Matthew Wilder’s "Break My Stride." What's the best and worst part of being in a band? The best part is making music simply for the joy of doing it. There's nothing more exalting than writing a great song and hearing it come to fruition. The worst part is feeling obliged to maintain a profile on MySpace. What advice would you offer a band starting out? Definitely enter as many competitions as possible. Don't even worry about the music - just buy a computer or some kind of device that will make music for you. Shop at Hot Topic, try to maintain an aloof attitude, and barrage all your friends with requests to vote for you in competitions where you can get a song placed in MTV's "Teen Mom" or something like that. That should do it. How do you feel the current music climate can either hinder or help up and coming bands? If by "current music climate" you mean the popularity of Ke$ha and Glee Cast recordings, we would say "hinder." We have a rule that for every Hidden Pictures song you illegally download, you have to listen to Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” three times. If you’re willing to take that kind of punishment, have at it. Where would you like to see Hidden Pictures in a year? The usual stuff: playing cool shows, selling some records, being exalted as the poster children of the current indie-pop zeitgeist. Another goal is to open for Wilco... but we'd settle for Ke$ha.

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