These days it takes more than just good songs to progress in the music industry. This feature offers a short interview with the winner of 'Cloudcorner' - a feature that shortlists our favourite songs submitted via Soundcloud. 'Lessons from Cloudcorner' offers to do just as it says: offering unique advice and insight from an unsigned band.

'Psychedelic drone-pop' may sound like the preferred genre of long-haired mid-30's men that live with their mum's, have tribal tattoos and play World of Warcraft, but if Inca Gold prove that this connotation couldn't be further from the truth. The London 4-piece may have only been around a few months, but they have already achieved enough to be the envy of most long-established bands; if their 3 EP's are anything to go by, then Psychedelic drone-pop may become the genre of choice for 'normal people' too.

1) Tell us a little about yourself and your influences

We formed last year, in London. Mutual friends who were, and some of us still are, in other musical projects. At the time it felt right to get together as a four piece and we were keen to start something new. We try and make interesting rich soundscapes all within tight songwriting with a strong rhythmic and melodic ideas.

We all bring lots of influences to what we do, from ambient electronic music to great bands like Flaming Lips & Mercury Rev; it ends up sounding quite psychedelic.

2) What's the best and worst part of being in a band?

Best and worst parts can be playing live, when you start off the first few gigs noone cares and you’re on first playing to the other bands who are on after you. When you’re playing to a packed room and people are enjoying it there’s nothing better… more people are coming to see us play now thankfully.

3) What advice would you offer a band starting out?

Just be honest with what you’re doing and don’t try to recreate the sound that’s in at the time. People will always respond to honesty whatever you’re doing.

4) How do you feel the current music climate can either hinder or help up and coming bands?

You have to work really hard to build your fan base. We’re giving our music away for free this year as 3 separate 4 track EPs as we just want to get our music out there in a way that people want to consume it now – still as works in their own right but more bite-size and more often. We have released 2 already and the 3rd one is coming in a couple of months.

5) Where would you like to see the yourselves in a year?

Playing festivals, we’ve been honing our live set in London the past 6 months, so this time next year we hope to be on some bigger bills.