Unless you can skillfully craft a song about how much you enjoy Fridays, it takes more than just good songs to progress in the music industry. This feature offers a short interview with the winner of 'Cloudcorner' - a feature that shortlists our favourite songs submitted via Soundcloud. ‘Lessons from Cloudcorner’ offers to do just as it says: offering unique advice and insight from an unsigned band. I had a SneakPeek once; needless to say it was awkward for everyone involved. Luckily though, there’s no awkwardness involved with the female fronted lo-fi band from Echo Park SneakPeek. Indeed, the band’s winning formula of raw, angsty distortion and mountains of reverb is certainly an appealing one. Photobucket Tell us a little about yourselves and your influences? About a year ago I quit the all girl folk band I was in and started experimenting with writing songs that were more like the music I enjoy. Most of my main influences are dreamy, fuzzy, shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth. My boyfriend Aric, who previously played guitar in The Willowz, was always very supportive and soon we just started playing and recording with our two best friends, Mike and Aaron. What's the best and worst part of being in a band? The best part of being in a band is getting to be creative and have fun with your favorite people. We can't really think of anything that is the worst part. Sneak Peak What advice would you offer a band starting out? Make music you like and want to listen to. How do you feel the current music climate can either hinder or help up and coming bands? Everyone is in a band these days and the music scene is more over saturated than ever. However, it's also a lot easier to get your songs out there with sites like Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Where would you like to see SneakPeek in a year? We are currently recording a seven song EP, so hopefully a year from now we will have a full length LP out. We would also love to go on tour and play festivals.

You can check the band out at http://sneakpeek.bandcamp.com/ Send us your sounds