A former street dance teacher and one of London's most hotly-tipped vocalists, ASHA isn't one to be taken down a peg easily, and her debut single 'We Can Do This' shows exactly why as she croons "Can't nobody love you like me / Can't nobody touch you like me." She oozes confidence in everything she does, whether it's her dancing or her sultry, pulsating R&B.

She's clearly frustrated in the current state of her relationship (or non-relationship) and cuts through the bullshit, declaring that she's so much more than this 'other woman' could ever be - and we can't help but believe her by the coy, powerful sound of 'We Can Do This'. It's honest without being cliched, and showcases exactly why she's an artist to keep your eye on throughout the year when she eventually drops her debut EP. For now, though, stream 'We Can Do This' below!

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