Operating under the guise of mystery (for now), Boy Scout have already seen support that some bands would dream of - they've had the few teasers of music they released aired over both BBC Introducing and Radio 6, and today we're bringing you the premiere of their debut single 'Get Me By'.

'Get Me By' is an entrancing song bringing together both folk and electronic influences to create an intricate, atmospheric sound that brings to mind imagery of laying in a forest in the middle of fall, as all of the leaves are turning bright orange and the weather is chilly - but not too chilly - and everything is calm and quiet. It allows the listener to look inside themselves and ask just what it is that they need to get them by, as Boy Scout's vocalist does in the track so effortlessly. A beautiful and stirring song, it's one hell of a way to kick off a career, and you can stream 'Get Me By' below!

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