California has a storied history of snotty punk bands, especially from coastal towns. One fairly new band, who has been toiling in the scene since their 2013 debut EP is The Frights. Over the course of the last few years they've released a couple of EPs which has brought them to the attention of Epitaph Records, who snapped them up for whatever they have in store next. The Fright have recently been in the studio with FIDLAR's Zac Carper and put out 'Valentine's Sux' earlier this year. This is followed up today with their new song 'CRUTCH'.

The Frights take the opportunity to put together their most acidic guitar lines to date, which are partnered up with Mickey Carnevale throat and soul scouring voice and lyrics. In confessional mode, Carnevale pours out his secrets, egged on by the band's propulsion, until he's reached tipping point and screams "this is my crutch!" in the song's tension breaking chorus.

“The whole skeleton for the song, ‘CRUTCH’, came to me in the shower,” explains Carnevale; “I jumped out and forgot to wash my hair and started immediately writing lyrics. It’s a song about our band. About how it can simultaneously be the coolest thing in the world and the only thing I actually hate.”

Listen to 'CRUTCH' below.

The Frights will be releasing an album later this year, and ahead of that they're heading to the UK on tour, catch them here:

May 17th | Green Door Store @ The Great Escape, Brighton
May 21st | The Black Heart, London
May 22nd | The Lock Tavern, London
May 24th | MOTH Club, London - SOLD OUT
May 25th | Dot to Dot, Manchester
May 26th | Dot to Dot, Bristol
May 27th | Dot to Dot, Nottingham