We gave you the brand new single from Cheat Codes, 'Adventure', a few weeks ago, but they've already returned with another surefire banger. 'Senses' is their latest and it features brand new musician lostboycrow, who's only just played his first ever live show a few weeks ago in Los Angeles at School Night. The two are a match made in heaven with Cheat Codes' club beats dovetailing perfectly with lostboycrow's vocal stylings.

It sounds like they had a great time creating the track as well, as lostboycrow detailed in a press release. "Creating with Cheat Codes can only be described as a blast. Those guys are all so talented it was nothing but good vibes and fantastic minds to work with. This song in particular came together in such an organic way, it felt like we were all in a band and everyone was already on the same page."

Stream 'Senses' below.

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