A confession: I got sucked into the hellhole that is Candy Crush for quite a while, and it is not as easy as you'd think on some levels. They can be annoying as all get out and make you want to throw your phone at a wall. Thankfully, with games like Candy Crush (and pretty much every othe video game in existence), Cheat Codes exist, and when you're stuck in a virtual rut, there's nothing better. Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl, and Kevin Ford make up the band Cheat Codes, and they want to help you get to that next level - of a party, of life, whatever you need - with their super fun, joyful sound.

You can get a taste of it with their new single 'Adventure', a collaboration with Evan Gartner. Shimmering synth-pop in the vein of Royal Tongues or Smallpools will help you get your groove on while huge hooks and pristine production propel the track forward, making it perfect for the remix treatment it's sure to get. It won't be too long before you hear 'Adventure' in your favourite nightclub, so go on and 1UP your friends by jumping on the Cheat Codes train now and streaming the song below.

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