Phoria are a Brighton-based collective who released their exquisite debut album Volition in 2016. Since they finished the cycle of that album they have been recuperating with “a much needed but somewhat uneasy quiet.” This quiet was broken earlier this year with the release of new song 'Mass (Re-Imagined)' and today they absolutely shatter it with the release of two ambitious new tracks 'When Everything Was Mine' and 'RROTOR'.

On the one side we have the cyclical beauty that is 'When Everything Was Mine', a song that sets out its template early with expertly crafted sonics and the looping vocal clip. This mood of self-examination is deepened as the song progresses, Phoria deftly honing the atmospheric track through its blissful run time and turning the simple thought 'When Everything Was Mine' into a resonant and meaningful one.

The other side is 'RROTOR', another sombre track, but this time with a more personal and affecting vocal from Trewin Howard, letting his falsetto spread its wings and crest upon the soundbed that his bandmates have created. Looming large in this track is a wash of trumpet, that shoots through the cold electronics like a rush of blood.

Check out both tracks below.

Phoria are gearing up to release their second album early in 2019.