With the rise of artists like Banks and Tove Lo, there's an influx of "PBR&B" musicians that are trying to make it lately. However, one of those who might just have the talent to do so is Robyn Sherwell -- her new song 'Pale Lung' is a beautiful and laid back R&B song that's incredibly emotional while remaining accessible.

She said "Its about falling for someone you're not supposed to fall for" which is something I think we've all experienced. She added onto that statement saying "I had this experience a few years back and wrote Pale Lung. It summarises that specific mix of guilt and desire at that moment you first realise and admit to yourself there is a powerful spark with someone you can't or probably shouldn't pursue. The song still feels like telling a secret, same as it did when I wrote it" and it's nothing short of entrancing. Stream 'Pale Lung' and her previous track 'Islander' below.

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