Grown girls with soothers, ball-pits and robot slaves. This is all encompassed in the video for 'Sax In The City,' which is a standout-album cut from Let's Eat Grandma's I, Gemini - out earlier this year.

The duo live in a weird world, created by director Ben Sommers, who wanted to keep the video lighthearted and playful. "We also wanted to make a subtle comment on social and political issues - the outcome a slight nod to Orwell’s 1984 and how true his novel is seemingly becoming," he said. "The baby aspect adds something quite bizarre to the video, I think it echoes the eclectic and psychedelic nature of Let’s Eat Grandma’s sound - but also gestures something worryingly poignant in respect to the world that future generations are growing up in."

And Rosa and Jenny also commented on the clip, calling it their most real video. "Just us at our favourite place, wearing our favourite colour, doing what we do best," they said.