The hardest working psych band in LA has a lot in store for 2019. Dream Phases, founded by Brandon Graham, has just revealed Mr. Midnight, a compilation of songs written and demoed from 2010 until last year. There will be one new song, 'Pawn Shop Heart', as well as a new version of 'The Fixer' than appears on the cassettes printed in years prior. Check out their trippy new video below and prepare for Dream Phases proper debut album in the spring.

Though the tracks were written at various times, they all come together as a cohesive sampler of the band’s work. All the songs were written late at night, hence the compilation’s title. They were also mastered to work as a unit, which may explain the smoky, royal blue hues that come through on each song. The energy picks up with 'Afterlife' and 'The Other End', while quieter moments show more complex guitar riffs, like on 'Quiet Days' and 'Wonder Boys'. The short numbers toward the end round out a thoughtful record, one that leaves plenty of room for the official studio LP to build the legacy of Dream Phases.

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