Jess Abbott recently announced her second album as Tancred, Nightstand, with the self-effacing smasher 'Reviews'. Today she follows it up with the joyous 'Queen Of New York'.

'Queen Of New York' picks up right as Abbott is leaving someone's house after a messy one night stand, taking the so-called "walk of shame" with a bunch of other people still in last night's make-up all around. As with 'Reviews', on 'Queen Of New York' she finds her actions questionable, but as she then picks over the little details of the night before, she seems to get a skip in her step and an uplifting rush of satisfaction. The barnstorming rocker then lifts off as Abbott tells us all about the titular 'Queen Of New York'; her place was a mess, she is a "strange one," - and yet she can't forget her.

“The song is primarily about one night stands and the internal reflection the next day,” says Abbott, “but I also wanted to include the smallest impression of moments therein where you really connect with someone in an emotional way, even if you both know it’s just for the night.”

The video, directed by Shervin Lainez, features Abbott in a messy bedroom shot steamily in black and white. Watch and listen below.

Tancred's Nightstand comes out through Polyvinyl/Hand In Hive on June 1st and can be pre-ordered here.