Los Angeles-based quintet Verre have been taking the world by storm with their tracks 'BLU' and 'Mad', but as new single 'Taste the Sky' shows, the best is yet to come. They teamed up with fellow Angeleno Olivver the Kid for a predictably huge new remix of that single, which you can stream below.

The original was filled with thundering percussion and 1975-esque guitar riffs, a lovechild of Imagine Dragons and Lana Del Rey, but its alt-rock radio conquering intentions are fully realized on the synth-heavy remix. The focus is placed on Alice's sultry vocals that soar over the cascading melodies that lift you up into the stratosphere before smashing you back down to earth with each massive drop in the chorus. It's a perfect match for Olivver's powerful vocals and introspective lyrics about not letting your past become your future and rising above doubts brought on by yourself and other people. It ends rather abruptly, choosing not to fade out but to stop on a dime, but it's that element of surprise that will draw you in again and again for repeated listens.

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