Not content with release an awesome compilation album this week, Full Time Hobby have gone signed the six legged beast known as Let's Wrestle. To celebrate, the band are set to re-issue their debut album, In The Court Of Wrestling Let’s, as a double cd on the 2nd November. This version of the record will include a load of fancy stuff for super fans, or newbies, to digest. Tracklisting CD 1 1. My Arms Don’t Bend that Way, Damn It! 2. I'm in Love With Destruction 3. Tanks 4. My Eyes Are Bledding (Interlude) 5. My Schedule 6. We Are the Men You'll Grow to Love Soon 7. In Dreams 8. Atlantis (Interlude) 9. Song for Old People 10. I Won't Lie to You 11. Diana's Hair 12. I'm in Fighting Mode 13. Insects 14. It's Not Going to Happen 15. Waltz (Interlude) 16. In the Court of the Wrestling Let's CD 2 1. Song For Abba Tribute record 2. Quazar Blues 3. I Wish I Was In Husker Du 4. I Won't Lie To You 5. I'm OK You're OK 6. Song For Man With Pica Syndrome 7. Insects (EP version) 8. Music Is My Girlfriend 9. Joe Reddington, You'll Be The Death Of Me 10. I'm In Fighting Mode 11. Let's Wrestle 12. Getting Rest 13. When I was in Hospital