The Black Eyed Peas' chronically inventive is a master of many trades. Not content with simply sticking to one area or medium, like his initial passion for hip-hop, the burgeoning mogul broadened his horizons to pop, funk, soul and, eventually, away from music altogether.

He's crept into the worlds of acting, fashion, art, video games, TV reality judging – perhaps one of his most successful ventures – and, like fellow rap grand poobahs Jay Z, Diddy and Dr. Dre, is besotted by an entrepreneurial streak and a love of technology. Robotics, augmented reality and, in recent weeks, the automotive industry.

That's right, is entering the world of cars.

Serendipitously, he's joined forces with Lexus. The two global identities have entered into a creative relationship, forging forth with their main focus of innovation. The result of this collaboration is a limited edition version of the new NX, the new premium mid-size SUV from Lexus. Crafted for fast-paced lifestyles in the urban jungle, it aims to make a grand statement, blending the worlds of form and function until they're indistinguishable from one another.'s bespoke variation is all about cutting-edge aesthetics and sleek, emotional contour. While the car is primed to be a tiny slice of luxury in the cacophony of rush hour, or a beacon of stylish hope while cruising through the city, that doesn't stop it taking one massive lunge into the realms of the future. Keeping in line with's ambitious grasp of technology and pushing the boundaries of human ability, it's an SUV that speaks volumes about both Lexus and

The NX has also inspired a digital art exhibit titled NX-Perspectives which has come to represent the core concepts of Lexus in musical, artistic, kinetic, acrobatic and graphic ways. It features technology champions Studio XO, interactive artists Hellicar & Lewis, and DJ Lunice alongside with creative collective LuckyMe. You can find out more about their endeavours fusing the worlds of frontier-smashing art and bold technological gambits here.

Watch the Dreamin' About The Future clip below, featuring music from and Sérgio Mendes.