Ever tried to describe to someone what it's like to go tripping and walk through the woods? Well search for the words no longer, as LA-based ambient musician LFZ and director Wes Johansen have teamed up for a hallucinogenic swirl of captivating images to twist and turn around the enthralling soundscape of LFZ's latest single, 'Naturalistic.'

Touching the seven-minute mark, 'Naturalistic' is a stirring piece. The repetition and bubbling instrumentation lend itself to an earthly feel, as the title would suggest. With the track, Sean Smith, the artist behind LFZ, proves he is capable of building otherworldly sounds as well as sounds very much of our planet. Johansen sought to capture that with his visuals.

"For the visual accompaniment to 'Naturalistic,' I handed over the reins to Wes Johansen, a video artist from Los Angeles with whom I’ve worked in live performance settings before," says Smith. "Wes’s sensitivity to the music and his ability to react in real time, to create moving images that at once support the sounds and expand on it, is matchless. His imagery is wildly sideways and psychedelic and for this video, he kept it fairly simple in order to interpret the subtle and driving movement of the piece."

You can check out the video for LFZ's 'Naturalistic' up above and be sure to check out his upcoming LP, Name Plus Focus, which is due out on July 20 via Castle Face. LFZ also has a few upcoming U.S. tour dates, which you can check out below.

  • 21 July - Leroy's (w/Justin Cole, Ian James, Kent Hamilton, Lady C); Los Angeles, CA
  • 25 July- Hyperion Tavern (w/Jonas Reinhardt, Fryborg, Dan Rincon); Los Angeles, CA
  • 27 July - Hemlock Tavern (w/Phil Manley Life Coach, Jonas Reinhardt, Snickers); San Francisco, CA
  • 28 July - Land and Sea (w/I.E.); Oakland, CA