Label: Yep Roc Records Release date:01/09/09 Website: Finally, hopefully stepping out of the shadow of every article or review that insists on tracing back and comparing him to his esteemed musical heritage, especially when the passage of actual talent from parent to progeny is far from a guaranteed thing, luckily Liam Finn returns with more genuine talent on his latest offering Champagne in Seashells. After producing and playing pretty much everything and anything on his acclaimed 2008 record I’ll be lightening, this EP is somewhat of an extension of those sessions. Although made a year or so later, this collection too was recorded on the same analogue equipment that captured his first record, which you can hear on the tracks. And this bursts through when Plane Crash floods into a powerful uprising of choruses. It feels bolder and more complex but still maintaining the somewhat intentionally scruffy yet controlled aspects as with previous songs, his DIY creative process continues to reward. With familiar fuzz bass and some other interesting instruments he continues to push himself into realms uncharted yet enticing. Although the hooks are few and far between this isn’t missed and doesn’t detract from the substance or conscious nature of the songs. Joining the sensitive troubadour on the EP is his touring friend and percussion playing, singing cohort Eliza Jane, who plays throughout but opens vocals track On Your Side and when her dulcet tones are join by Finn the vocal accompaniment is perfectly matched. This track, like other parts throughout, has slight background undertones of a laid back Hawaiian beach powwow which acts as a thread throughout an aptly named EP. Lyrically and melodically he remains caught between rolling stone romanticism and the lonesome traveller but rarely loses musicality and the effective songs are evidence of this. The again self produced EP seems to show Finn heading into more daring musical directions yet maintaining his ability to write honest songs that appeal to senses and soul. It is accomplished and concise of which Finn says is a "document of a small moment in time." Rating: 7/10 Clearly eco-friendly or just a general global conscious the lavishly packaged EP comes in biodegradable materials with as a limited edition 1000 copies on CD.