No impish imagery of horns and cloven feet can compete with one’s imagination when it comes to conjuring the power of the Devil. As Portland native singer-songwriter Liam Singer can attest, “loneliness is the devil.” On ‘The Devil’ from his upcoming album Finish Him, Singer seeks to better understand this creature, in both a physical and metaphysical sense, by using them as a metaphor for his own battle with depression.

Against an accelerated piano progression, Singer begins by reflecting on the tragedy of the fallen angel known as Lucifer. He keeps a distance while still making his empathy apparent through his fraught vocals. Then, the song opens up spectacularly, with thundering drums that create echoes upon echoes. Singer follows suit, discussing his being “cast as the magician.” It’s a song of dramatic and harsh revelations, such as “You’re going to lose a thing you love.” But as he tells us about going into battle “without a sword or a shield,” we understand that he understands he’s only human.

Finish Him is available 7/13 on Birdwatcher Records.

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