Liars will releases 'Mess on a Mission', a track from their forthcoming album Mess, as a string embedded 12" for Record Store Day. Which -- if you're not fluent in the language of wacky vinyl releases -- is a clear vinyl pressing with coloured string trapped inside it. Af far as the band's Angus Andrew knows, it's an original l idea that's never been done before:

"We talked about the idea for days but weren't at all sure it could physically be done. After all, pressing bits of colored string into the actual vinyl was nothing we'd ever heard of before. To us it seemed like such a unique and interesting way to extend the visual language of Mess right inside the music."

Remixes of the track by Black Bananas and Silent Servant will feature on the flip side along with an exclusive b-side titled Blah Vets.

'Mess on a Mission' will be available exclusively on Record Store Day (April 19th). Listen to the track below.


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