LibraLibra is a new genre-mashing experimental duo formed of vocalist Beth Cannon and multi-instrumentalist/producer Joe Caple, who are coming out fearlessly right from the jump with their debut single 'Animali'. The first listen to 'Animali' is a bamboozling and bewildering experience, as LibraLibra chuck everything at the wall, from African rhythms, vamping synths, psychedelic guitars and ebullient vocals and lyrics from Cannon. That's before you watch the video, which adds about ten new dimensions of weirdness to the whole affair.

However, despite the seemingly abstract and scattershot nature of 'Animali', LibraLibra undoubtedly have a strong presence and message to share through their work. It's a resounding message of personal strength and a battle for equality, as Cannon explains:

“‘Animali’ Is an unapologetic war song in which I am ready to fight for equality. Since I can remember equality has been at most fleeting, if never fully achieved. There have always been opinions thrust upon me, am I too fat, too thin, a slut, a prude, too clever, why am I not settled down?… I have learnt to play roles to suit those around me, to make sure I don’t offend, that I stay in my place and for years I have repressed the anger, the hurt, the constant conflict that this causes. I’ve become an actor playing parts in my own life. I feel a shift in society right now, people’s eyes are opening and, now, more than ever, I feel a sense of community that we are ready to fight, ready to admit that the way we are perceived and treated can’t be our reality anymore.”

Although the message and motive of 'Animali' is forceful and deadly serious, the energy that LibraLibra brings is one of liberty and union, inspiring listeners to get together and fight for what's right. The video brings a technicolour aspect to what's already a multi-faceted affair, delivering images of the members in heavy make up, spliced between polychromatic and psychedelic clips of safari animals. All this madness thrown together shouldn't work, but LibraLibra have the guile to make it all stick as one exuberant whole.

Watch and listen to 'Animali' below.

Obviously this is just the beginning for LibraLibra, who plan to release their debut album in 2019. In the meantime there are sure to be many more wonderful releases from the duo, so be sure to follow them on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.